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Zach Harris is a singer and songwriter based in Burbank, California.  Originally from Kokomo, Indiana, he brings a warm midwestern perspective to his thoughtful, lyrical, and sometimes quirky songs and stories.  His songwriting is inspired by the likes of Paul Simon, Adam Duritz, Bob Marley, Steven Page, Mike Doughty, and Elvis Costello. 


With conversational tones, Zach Harris paints us pictures from the nuts and bolts of relationships to the inner workings of intimate dreams.  In 2009, “Hole in the Wall” received him a nomination for Best Song at the Ventura Maverick Music Awards.   After studying Theatre at Ball State University, Zach played with The Joe Cameron Band, Champagne Sunday, and Landlocked Rasta until the release of his solo album, Inside My Head.  He also plays in the fake boy band, un5gettable.                                                                                  




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